Américo Soares Braga

Matosinhos, Portugal, 21st january 1909 - Oaxaca, México, 26st july 1991


Biographical details


1929: Studied sculpture at the School of Fine Artes in Porto. Was a member of the group Mais Além together, among others, with the painter Dominguez Alvarez. Close friendship with the poet José Régio.

1933: Studied sculpture at the School of Fine Arts in Lisbon.

1948: Was received into the faculty. Author of an important work which chiefly concerned architectural bas-relief. Influenced by Jorge Barradas, he dedicated himself to the art of ceramics, a genre which he followed and developed in Brazil.

1953: Emigrated to Barzil where, initially, he taught the art of the modeller and of the ceramicist in the Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo, MAM.

1954: .... 1987: ....

19881990: At eighty years of age he organised, with great enthusiasm, a significant exhibition of modern sculptures in ceramics and in bronze (....)...

1990: Decorated, on the 5th June, with the Medal of Merit of the City of Matosinhos in recognition of his contribution to the field of the Arts of Shaping and Modelling.



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